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meet  Jasmine



Hey there! I'm Jasmine Ross, your go-to gal for all things event planning and floral design. I've been mixing and matching flowers, fabrics, and fun for over a decade, turning simple ideas into magical moments.

My love affair with flowers? It's real. To me, they're not just plants; they're stories waiting to be told. And combining that with my love for events? Well, that’s where the magic happens.

Now, let's talk about brides and special events. There's something incredibly special about working with someone on one of the biggest days of their life. I'm not just helping to plan an event; I’m diving deep into dreams, emotions, and stories. Every bride, every event holder, deserves their day to feel like a page out of their favorite book. And that’s what I'm here to do – make sure every bouquet, every light, every tiny detail tells your unique story.

So, if you're dreaming of a day that's authentically 'you,' I’m your girl. Together, we’ll make your special day blossom in ways you never imagined. Cheers to making memories! 

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